Great, sunny and warm weather is something that a fun camping trip asks for. And being blessed with the same, Australia is a popular caravanning destination. Caravanning during the weekend or while on holidays in Australia are as normal and natural as eating when hungry. For almost 24.8 million Aussies it has become a part of their travel life. And not only the grey nomads but caravanning attracts people of all age groups locally and those visiting from overseas. You know why? Caravanning is an exceptional way of zoning out from the chaos of everyday life and exploring the great outdoors of Australia by yourself or along with your family and friends. And, when you head out on the road, you will see many caravans, motorhomes, converted vans and RVs all showing how popular caravanning is in Australia. Here is why caravanning is a popular activity and accommodation option in Australia.


Wondering why Australians have such an Affinity for Caravanning?


Australians have an affinity for caravanning (and camping) but so do many people around the world. Here is why Australians love caravanning.


Explore Amazing Landscape


Australia exhibits the world’s surreal landscapes that are truly a natural paradise. The country has a diversified array of landscapes, from tropical rainforests, desserts, the Alps to the beaches, which deserve to be explored. On top of that, the love of Aussies for exploring the great outdoors makes caravanning with family and friends much more exciting. It has camp locations near the coastline, beneath the starry skies, on beaches, in the Red Centre, and whatnot. It takes a moment, or two, for Aussies to hitch the caravan and head off to experience the abundant beauty of nature.


Enjoy Wonderful Weather 


Australia offers favourable weather conditions for caravanning. Before planning a trip, you don’t have to worry much about finding the location. Whether it is hot and humid, rainy or cold, you will always have a destined campsite to visit according to the weather. And if you do get caught in bad weather at least you know, just like a snail – you have your house on your back!


Caravanning is Cost-effective and a Great Accommodation Option


Australia can be quite expensive to travel and going on a holiday can cost you a fortune. It asks for a bundle of dollars to spend on accommodation, travelling, activities, personal necessities, and so many other things, which you might not even be aware of. But traveling with a caravan not only saves on your expenses but offers much more than a usual trip. A caravan is not just a vehicle but is said to be a home on wheels. Every caravan in today’s date is fitted with basic amenities including a stove, sink, bed and maybe a shower and loo. But you can always add to the basics not only inside but also outside such as with an awning. This allows you to sit outside under protection after a long hard day travelling.


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There is a Wide Variety of Caravan Sizes


When it comes to traveling for a trip, what else than a caravan could be better? Nothing. Not one, but there are multiple caravan types to choose from, according to the needs of the camper inside you. Let’s look at these:

Conventional Caravans

The caravan type incorporates mini rooms with built-up furniture and equipment for offering you home-like comfort when out on the road. 

Tent Trailer 

If you are looking for a caravan that could be easily towed with your car, it is a tent trailer. These trailers have a wide living space and several other built-in features.

Pop-top Caravans

Pop-tops have built-in amenities just like conventional caravans. But the only difference is the pop-top roof. This feature enables to increase the headspace inside the caravan and showers natural light. 

Pop-out Caravans

This caravan type has all the features and offers extra living space than the rest of them. If you have a larger family to go with, you can easily place additional beds into the caravan. 

Camper Trailers

Camper trailers are the sturdiest and upgraded version of tent trailers. Apart from all the amenities, it comprises a pop-top roof and extended berths. Also, it can be easily towed. 


Fifth wheelers are the largest of the family caravans that offers a vast living space you might dream of. Because of the heaviness, it often becomes difficult to tow the caravan and requires a heavy truck for the purpose, which might restrict you from visiting several campsites. 


You will not have to cut down your camping days if traveling by motorhome. It can be both a vehicle and caravan with all the home-like comforts. But one thing that seems like a drawback is whenever and wherever you want to go, you will have to take your entire setup along with you. 

Converted Vans

Vans of all sizes traditionally used by delivery drivers are now becoming homes on wheels. With all the home comforts crammed into a small space, these mobile homes are helping Aussies of all ages travel around Australia.


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Lots of Spectacular Camp Sites


One of the best advantages of travelling with your home on wheels is the large array of camp sites available. This can be in popular camping grounds offering shower amenities etc. like Big4 to free camps near or on beaches which can be found on apps like WikiCamps.


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Are You Ready to Join the Caravanning Brigade?


After reading all this, it is sure that the fact of 24.8 million Aussies heading out for caravanning in Australia won’t surprise you much. Why not join them to see beautiful landscapes, swim in rivers and beaches, appreciate the flora and fauna and simply enjoy Australia and the wonderful weather. Come on, get up, hitch the caravan and get going to experience some mind-boggling adventures.

This post was written by Guest Author Danny Smith, CEO and Founder of Xtend Outdoors Australia which manufactures and sells caravan annexes, awnings, and accessories. He just loves caravan holidays and frequently blogs about caravanning trips, parks, and tips. Visit the website if you require any caravan accessories. Live Work and Play in Australia and Sharyn McCullum did not receive any financial benefit from this guest post. 



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