10 Iconic Australian Road Trip Snacks

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A road trip without snacks is just unheard of. Whether you purchase your snacks before you leave for your road trip or whether you buy them on the road, we all enjoy a good snack. And snacks are wide and varied. They can be sweet or savoury, hot or cold, liquid or solid. Whatever you hanker for when on a road trip in Australia here are some iconic Australian Road Trip Snacks to get your mouth watering.


Cup of Coffee


Aussies love their coffee and a good coffee kick starts my every morning! You could make your own cup of instant coffee, make a brew or buy one from a coffee shop. Whatever your choice, coffee is great to have while on any Australian road trip.


Cappuccino Coffee In Red Cup On A Red Saucer

Party Mix


Who doesn’t love a good chew? Snakes, milkos – all great to enjoy while on a road trip in Australia.


Lollies Party Mix

Chocolate (Choccy) Milk


When filling up at the petrol station I usually grab a refreshing choccy milk, amongst other things. There are a number of brands and I like to try the locally produced product. A chocolate milk is an Australian road trip snacks favourite.


Chocolate Milk In Cardboard Containers

A box (or two) of Shapes


A box or two of Shapes will keep hunger at bay. Barbecue and chicken flavours are favourites of mine. But any savoury biscuit will do!


Box Of Barbecue Shapes.

Fresh Fruit and/or Dried Fruit


I do try to travel with fruit as you can’t always eat junk food while you travel. Apples are easy to carry in the vehicle and they are also easy to eat while driving. I usually buy fruit from the supermarket but have found many little stalls on the side of the road where I can buy fresh fruit from locally grown orchards. And it makes you feel good that your cash is going direct to the grower. But if I can’t find any fresh fruit, dried fruit is just as good.


Dried Apricots In A Plastic Bag

Chocolate Paddle Pop or Lemonade Icy Pole


On a hot day it is always nice to eat something cold. And you can’t go past a chocolate Paddle Pop or a Lemonade Icy Pole.


Chocolate Paddle Pop Ice Cream

Pie and a Cake


I love pulling in to small towns as they usually have a bakery and wow, their bakery items are so tasty. A good old meat pie or sausage roll is a great option for a snack or meal. Sometimes I have them with salad, but usually just on their own. Finish off with a sweet treat such as a nice pastry like a Vanilla Slice or my favourite, Neenish Tart or a cake like a Lamington. You will discover many bakeries are award winning for their pies, sausage rolls and other baked goods. What a treat while travelling Australia.


Meat Pie On A White Plate With Salad

Macca’s Breakfast


I’m a believer in a good breakfast to start your day – along with my coffee – and when on the road I do enjoy a Macca’s breakfast….and…lunch….and….dinner! We call McDonalds in Australia Maccas for short, and you know what you are getting when you visit McDonalds for a meal. And they are a great place to have a break at while on any Australian road trip. I don’t mind starting my day with a Bacon and Egg McMuffin.


McDonalds Breakfast. Egg McMuffen With a Hash Brown And A Coffee

Cheese and Bacon Rolls


Cheese and bacon rolls from the supermarket or Bakers Delight are always a crowd pleaser in my car. I usually buy a 6-pack – but they don’t last long!


Cheese And Bacon Bread Rolls

Hit the Pub for a ‘Parma’


When visiting a pub for lunch or dinner I usually have a Chicken Parmigiana – Parma – you can’t beat them. Well, it is one item on the menu I like. Others include hamburgers with chips and salad. Very iconic Aussie meals.


Chicken Parmigiana With Chips And Salad On A Plate

So there you go, I am sure there are plenty more iconic Australian road trip snacks to enjoy while you are travelling, but I hope you like mine. If you have a favourite iconic Australian road trip food I’d love to hear in the comments following.


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