About Sharyn McCullum and Discover Australia Now

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Sharyn McCullum standing on viewing platform with Twelve Apostles Behind her.

Sharyn enjoying the 12 Apostles on a road trip of the Great Ocean Road Road



About Sharyn McCullum


I grew up in the Southern Suburbs of Sydney. Thanks to my dad who worked for an Australian airline I travelled most of my life within Australia and overseas. I travelled in many different ways. With my parents when I was a child. Solo when I was in my 20s. With my partner in my 30s and then with my own children. Now they are in their 20s and late teens I have been travelling with my partner and solo again.

My first trip overseas by myself was in my 20s. I went on a working holiday to the UK. I arrived at Heathrow Airport with no friends, family, accommodation or work and I wondered what on earth I had done. While living in the UK I became a travel writer, writing about my travels and the countries I visited. When I returned home I continued to write travel articles but I also thought about how I wished there was information I could have read to help me prepare for my overseas adventures. After 28 refusals my travel guide Live Work and Play in London and the UK was published. It was so popular I had to return to the UK to update the guide for the 2nd edition. While visiting the UK, my British friends said ‘why don’t you write one for Australia?’, so I did. In 2008 the first edition of Live Work and Play in Australia was published. Then came Japan, Canada and Ireland guides as well as updates for the UK and Australia.


About Discover Australia Now (formerly Live Work and Play in Australia)


As mentioned, Live Work and Play in Australia was my second travel guide. I wrote it for visiting working holiday makers as well as Australians who wanted to work and travel their around Australia. This website/blog is an extension of my printed guide. My aim with the website/blog is to provide up-to-date and relevant information so overseas visitors and Australians can live, work and play in Australia. You will find information on:


So click around and discover your Australia. To travel further, visit Live Work Play Travel – my website/blog about travelling and working abroad.


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