A Guide to the Best Australian Slang

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G’Day. Australia is a unique country and not just for its culture, different foods and indigenous animals. There is the Australian Slang to master.  So here we go, here is a list of 90 of my favourite slang words to help you understand the Australian lingo, so you won’t look like a drongo in ya budgie smugglers on a hot arvo listening to accadacca – while enjoying a cold one at a dinky-di barbie! Yes!


Accadacca The Australian band AC/DC
Ankle biter Child
ang on Wait a minute
Arvo Afternoon
Aussie Australian
avago have a go
Banana bender A person from Queensland
Barbie Barbecue
Back of Bourke In a remote area
Blowie Blow fly
Bloke Male person
Bludger Lazy person
Blue heeler Police officer or cattle dog
Bogan Redneck/uncouth person
Bonza Good, great, like a bonza bloke
Booze bus Police breath testing unit
(you’ve got) Buckley’s You’ve got no chance
Budgie smugglers Male swimmers
(I’m) bushed I’m tired
BYO/G Bring your own/grog
Choc a bloc Full
Chook Chicken
Chuck a U-ee Do a U-turn
Chunder/chuck/spew Vomit
Clobber Clothes
Crikey Surprise expression
Cocky Ffarmer, or cockatoo (bird)
Cold one Cold beer
Come a cropper Have an accident
Cooee Bush call
Cossie Bathing costume
Dag Unfashionable person, nerd or geek
Daks/strides Trousers
Dead set Genuine
Derro Tramp/homeless person
Digger/s ustralian soldier/s
Dinky-di Genuine
Doona Duvet
Down Under Australia
Drongo Idiot, fool
Dunny/loo Toilet
Earbash Talk a lot
Esky Portable cooling box
Fair crack of the whip Fair go
Fair dinkum Really, truly, genuinely
Fair go A reasonable chance
Ferals People living ‘at one’ with nature
Footy Football
Fremantle Doctor Sea breeze in Perth
Galah A bird, or a loud, noisy person
Goodonya Good work
Grog/plonk/booze/piss Alcohol
G’day Hello
Had a gut full Had enough
Legless Really drunk
Maccas Mcdonalds
Map of Tassie Lady ‘bits’
Mate Good friend
Middie Medium-sized glass of beer
Mozzie Mosquito
Mug Fool
No worries No problem
Outback Interior of australia
Pokies Poker machines
Prang Minor car accident
Sandgroper Someone from Western Australia
Sangers Sandwiches
Schooner Large glass of beer
Sheila Female
Sickle Take time off work when not sick
Slab Carton of beer
Smoko Break from work to have a smoke
Snag Sausage
Spit the dummy Tantrum
Spunky Good looking
Straya Australia
Strewth Gee whiz
Stubby Bottle of beer
Swag Ssingle roll up bed to take travelling
Thongs Flip flops – shoes
Tinnie Can of beer
True blue Genuine
Tucker Food
Two-up Illegal gambling game only played ANZAC Day
Wag Play truant
Wally Idiot
Gone walkabout Disappear for a while
Woop Woop Middle of nowhere
(Hard) Yakka hard work
Yobbo Uncultured person

So there you have it, my list of Australian slang with 90 of my favourites. I am sure there are more out there so feel free to drop me a line in the comments below and I will add them to my list.



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