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Smartphones have made life for many a whole lot easier, and that includes travel. Thanks to these pocket devices, travelling around Australia is a piece of cake. No matter what you are looking for or needing help with your smartphone will more than likely have an app to help you with your Australian travels. There are apps for accommodation, choosing a beach, finding petrol and ordering food. Here are some of the top apps that every traveller in Australia should download.


What to look for when Downloading new Travel Apps


New travel apps in their dozens are added to stores each day so before you download any new travel app I suggest you read through the reviews. Even though it is great to have apps on your device they often tend to use up a lot of memory and can slow down your device. Therefore, choose wisely and seek those that have high responsiveness, great functionality and a clean interface. Oh and don’t forget the ability to be used while offline, though not completely necessary, but if you like to go ‘off grid’ for a few days or more, then having an app that doesn’t need internet to work will be of great benefit. 


Are Travel Apps Free?


Most travel Apps are free however, there are some that have a small cost associated with them.


What Devices Are Apps Available On?


Apps are designed to be compatible with most devices, that is on Apple phones, iPads and some computers. They are also designed to be available on Android devices. The best way to see if the app is available is to search in the App Store on your device.


So let’s take a look at some great and useful apps for travelling Australia. Most are available for both Apple and Android devices.


Best Apps for Travelling Australia




If in need of a campsite, free camp or paid camp then you need the Wikicamps app. It does cost $8.99 but believe me, and many others, this will be the best $8.99 you will spend while travelling Australia if you are seeking a camping area for the night.


Youth Hostels Australia (YHA)


If you need hostel accommodation then you need the YHA app. Easily locate the nearest YHA to your location and make a booking.




If travelling Australia and staying in hostels then one of the best apps to travel Australia with is the HostelWorld app. Find hostels located near you and book on the device.



If you find yourself without a hotel organised for the next few nights or like to travel without plans, HotelTonight is the app for you! Hotels list their unsold rooms and you search for the location and date you need (i.e. Sydney, tonight). Then, the app shows you all the very best last minute hotel deals for that night. Of course, you can search up to 100 days in advance but the very best deals tend to be the ‘same day deals.’ That said, it’s always worth checking anyway, just in case you snap up a bargain on a great hotel room.




Don’t forget anything for your travels around Australia again with the Packpoint App. Build yourself a custom packing list based on your trip. For instance, if you are going hiking, the app will remind you to pack some snacks and a water bottle. Easily tick things off your list as you pack them.


The Happiest Hour


In need of a drink and a feed then you need The Happiest Hour App. After a long day travelling and enjoying what Australia has to offer you will be in need of something to eat and drink. The Happiest Hour App will help you find the best places to eat and drink. It can advise you on nearby specials such as where is the closest ‘happy hour’.


Trail Wallet


Don’t loose track of what you are spending your money on while travelling Australia with the Trail Wallet App. Track your expenses, take photos of receipts and set a budget for your trip. Know exactly what you are spending your money on so you don’t run out.




Australia is surrounded by ocean and an incredible coastline made of some fantastic world-renowned beaches. Fancy a swim at Bondi? But it is very important to know which beaches are safe for swimming and which one’s aren’t. Just because it looks safe doesn’t mean it is. There can be underlying rips that are unnoticeable to the untrained eye. The Beachsafe App was developed by Surf Life Saving Australia and will help you stay safe with the latest real-time beach and water safety information. But the biggest tip is to always swim between the red and yellow flags at a patrolled beach. The second biggest tip is to get the Beachsafe app as it is one of the best apps to travel Australia with.




Don’t pay hefty roaming charges again. Use the WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends. You will need to be connected to WiFi or have data to use this app.


Free WiFi Finder


This is one of my favourite apps that I travel with around Australia. If you want access free wifi, like I do, as you travel then you need the Free WiFi Finder app. Having free wifi is a massive benefit for anyone who needs internet. However, ensure the connection is safe to use.


Fuel Map Australia


You don’t know how many times I have needed to use this app. When driving around Australia you will need fuel for your vehicle and Fuel Map App has helped me out a number of times. Find the nearest fuel station and the current fuel prices so you can fill up with the Fuel Map Australia App.


Gas Finder (Refills and Swaps)


The last thing you want is for your gas to run out half way through cooking dinner! If you are using gas for camping and caravanning road trips the last thing you want is to run out of gas and not know where to get more from. The Gas Finder App will show you where to get a gas bottle refill and / or exchange location and how much it will cost. Find out with the Gas Finder App.


This app is the pinnacle of offline GPS navigation, so if you find it frustrating waiting for internet to access Google Maps (which is a great app also but needs internet), then try this one. It is laden with many points of interest, amenities and services like post offices.


City Maps 2 Go


City Maps 2 Go is a great app to have while travelling Australia for when you visit Australian cities, which we all do at some point. Find detailed maps that you can use offline. If wandering around town find attractions, get insider tips and read reviews on restaurants and hotels to help you choose where to eat and stay.


Tripit: Travel Planner


Tripit is a great app to help you plan your travels around Australia. Create your own itinerary and get going.


Google Translate


If you are from overseas and having trouble understanding the local lingo then you need a translation app. Google Translate App will help you translate not only words and sentences you hear but signs and instructions you see. Use the automatic voice translator to get an instant translation. It also translates English to other languages for those wanting to communicate with overseas visitors. Particularly helpful when staying in accommodation with international travellers.


XE Currency Converter


We all do it when travelling in a different country, we need to convert our own money into the currency of where we are so we know if the item is expensive or not! Take the stress out of dealing with foreign currency conversion in Australia with the XE Currency Converter App. The app has live conversion rate updates so you know you will be getting the latest conversion available. This will also help you limit your spending as when you know and understand the price you can make the choice as to whether you need or want it.


Are you ready now to start exploring Australia with these very useful Apps in your pocket? I hope so. If you know of any other good travel apps for Australia please add your favourite in the comments below.


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Bells Beach Surfing Recreation Reserve Sign shaped like a big white wave with Sharyn McCullum On the Great Ocean Road.

G’Day! Sharyn here, an Aussie who loves discovering Australia. Let me show you around so you can discover Australia now too.  Read more about me here.

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