Caravan Park Jobs – What are they? How to Get one?

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If you like camping and or caravanning then more than likely you have pulled into a caravan park for the night. So you would know a caravan park is a place to get accommodation, or to set up your own accommodation for a night or more. They are mostly located in convenient spots like near beaches, lakes and on the outskirts of towns. But have you ever thought ‘I like this place’ and decided to stay longer. And it would help if you could get some work. Have you thought about getting a job in a caravan park? In this post I will provide you with the lowdown on what jobs you could get in a caravan park, and how to get one.


What Does a Caravan Park Offer?


Caravan Parks offer:

  1. Ground to pitch a tent on. The ground can be unpowered or a powered site.
  2. A spot to park your caravan and access to power.
  3. Small self-contained cabins of varying facilities to rent.
  4. Abolushions block – toilet and showers, maybe with a laundry.
  5. Reception area to check in and out and maybe a little shop to buy essential items.
  6. Many new caravan parks also have a pool, games rooms, mini golf courses, tennis courts, BBQs and children’s playground.
  7. Dump point.

With all that is on offer at a caravan park, people are required to ensure all that is offered runs smoothly.


What Work Can I Get at a Caravan Park


Types of jobs you can get at a caravan park include:

  1. Reception work where you are checking in and out guests and accepting bookings.
  2. House keeping jobs where you will clean the cabins and abolushions blocks.
  3. General maintenance to keep things fixed and the garden’s tidy.
  4. Care Taker – someone overseeing the whole operation.


How Long are Jobs For?


Jobs at a caravan park vary in length and can depend if you want a permanent or casual job. Jobs are available all year long with extra staff being employed during busy times, particularly during the summer months. With so many people doing the ‘big lap of Oz’, going on road trips and having city breaks, caravan parks can be busy all throughout the year. 


Do You Need Specific Skills to Work in a Caravan Park?


The simple answer is no as training is often provided. However caravan parks do like people with skills from a service industry such as hospitality, administration, trades or tourism. The key thing caravan park operators look for a people with good customer service skills if working in the office and to be adaptable. What I mean is, adapt your skills to jobs. As I have my own home and clean it, I could adapt those skills to cleaning the cabins after use. And you can often find me in my garden, therefore, I could do gardening work. Pre-children I worked in an office so I could easily answer the phone and take bookings plus, greet people as they arrive at the park. So don’t worry if you haven’t worked at a caravan park before, adapt the skills you have to a job.


How to Get a Job in a Caravan Park?


There are two ways to get a job in a caravan park.

  1. Simply ask at reception. The receptionist is often the manager of the caravan park and is the hiring person. Or they should know who to contact to get a position. 
  2. Organise a job via a website or Facebook group/page.


Useful Caravan Park Jobs Websites


Breeze Holiday Parks
Discovery Parks
Ingenue Holiday Parks
Reflections Holiday Parks
NRMA Parks and Resorts

Useful General Job Websites


The Grey Nomads


Useful Caravan Park Job Facebook Pages/Groups


Caravan Park Industry Jobs
Caretakers Australia Facebook Page
Caravan Park Jobs Facebook Group 

Person's legs hanging out a caravan's window.

What’s the Remuneration at a Caravan Park?


If you get a job in a caravan park you will receive a wage and usually a free or cheap place to park up your van. Sometimes, a small unit is provided but this depends on the job you get at the park.


Pros and Cons of Working in a Caravan Park


Pros of Working in a Caravan Park


  • Learn new skills or adapt skills you already have which can take you around Australia.
  • Meet new people.
  • Earn a wage to carry on travelling.
  • Discover new places – as you will be staying a while you can immerse yourself in the local area.
  • Couples can find work together in the same or different fields.
  • Family friendly, meaning if you are traveling with a family, you can still get a job and the family will be onsite with you.
  • You can be transferred to other caravan parks under the brand.
  • Use the services like laundry, pool, etc.


Cons of Working in a Caravan Park


  • You may not like this type of work, living and working in the one place.


Are You Ready to Hit the Road and Get a Job in a Caravan Park?


Other Jobs you could do on while traveling around Australia

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Caravans parked up in a caravan park jobs in Australia.


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