Driving Black Spur, Yarra Valley

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If you are looking to drive through some of the lushest rainforest in Australia, then consider a drive along the Black Spur in the Yarra Valley. It’s only a short drive and one that is best done with your windows down to breathe in the freshest of air as you cruise through the towering trees. So come for a drive with me along this short scenic drive, the Black Spur Drive in the Yarra Valley. It is easy to do on a day trip from Melbourne.


Black Spur Drive, Yarra Valley at a glance


Total distance: 27.9 km (17.3 miles)
Driving time: about 30 minutes
Start: Healesville
End: Marysville


Black Spur Scenic Drive


How can a drive of 30 minutes be so scenic? Well, find out with me.

Most start the Black Spur drive at Healesville and end in Marysville, however, it can be done by starting in Marysville and ending in Healesville. By starting in Healesville, your drive will take you up the mountain rather than down. Either way, it is a beautiful drive.


Start at Healesville


Healesville is one of the major towns in the Yarra Valley. It is 64km east of Melbourne’s CBD taking around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach from there. It is known as home of the Healesville Animal Sanctuary and Beechworth Bakery.

If you drive through Healesville you begin the drive along Black Spur Drive. You mostly see tall Mountain Ash trees on either side of the road as you drive with the occasional fabulous view of the valley. The road is quite windy and winds its way up the Great Diving Range linking Healesville to Narbethong to Marysville. 


The drive


So rather than explain, I’m showing you what you will see for most of the time while you drive. This is going up the mountain.


Fernshaw Picnic Area Stop


You can stop at the Fernshaw Picnic Area which we did and were lucky enough to see a Lyrebird. There are a few picnic tables here if you wanted to sit down and enjoy the tall trees surrounding you. Or let the kids run around to burn off some energy.

On to Marysville

Marysville statue of firefighter are it was obliterated by fire.

memorial to the firefights of Marysville


At the end of the Black Spur Drive is the town of Marysville. This quaint town was rebuilt after the Black Saturday fires of 7 February 2009 when it was obliterated. Take a walk along the Main Street and maybe stop in one of the coffee shops for a bite to eat. Or perhaps take a drive out to Stevenson Falls not too far away.


Are You Ready to drive the Black Spur?


As before every road trip you take, do some quick vehicle checks.


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Tall Ash Trees Black Spur Yarra Valley PIN.


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