iVenture Melbourne Pass – is it worth it?

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So you are coming to Melbourne for a visit and plan on doing a lot of sightseeing. But you are realising that many of the sights you want to see have a cost involved. Well, one way to keep your budget under control is to purchase an iVenture Melbourne Pass. With one of these you can save dollars on entry fees to some of the best Melbourne tourist sites. Sound good? Well read on as I review the iVenture Melbourne pass to help you determine whether it is worth it.

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What is the iVenture Melbourne Pass?


The iVenture Melbourne Pass is an attractions pass allowing entry in specific Melbourne attractions such as guided walks, cruises, museums, wildlife attractions and tours. Depending on the attractions you visit you can save up to around 40% on the total cost compared to if you paid to enter each attraction individually.


What Sights are Included in the iVenture Melbourne Pass?


Sights covered under the iVenture Melbourne Pass include (this may change). So get more details on the pass here.

Melbourne Skydeck
Phillip Island Nature Park
Melbourne Zoo
IceBar Melbourne
Melbourne River Cruise
Old Melbourne Gaol
Werribee Open Range Zoo
Healesville Sanctuary
Cook’s Cottage
Polly Woodside
Rippon Lea House and Garden
Virtual Room Melbourne
Ghosts of the Old City Ghost Tour
Old Melbourne Ghost Tour
Entermission Melbourne

As you can see there are plenty of top Melbourne attractions on this list.


Two iVenture Melbourne Passes Available


There are currently two iVenture Melbourne passes available.

  1. Unlimited Attractions Pass allows you to enter attractions for the price of $179 – if you are going to visit a lot of attractions, this might be good value.
  2. Pass for 3, 5 or 7 attractions – if you only intend to visit 3, 5 or 7 attractions then you could purchase the appropriate pass for the attractions. For example, a pass for 3 attractions is currently $99.

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So is Buying an iVenture Melbourne Pass worth it?


To work out if the iVenture Melbourne Pass is worth it, I put it to the test. What I did was find out the individual entry pricing of the places I wanted to visit, and then looked at the cost of the pass to see if I made a saving. So….If I did:

Skydeck – entrance fee for an adult is $28
Melbourne Zoo – adult entrance fee is $46
Icebar – adult entrance fee is $55

This gives me a total of $129. If I buy an iVenture Melbourne Pass at $99 for 3 attractions, and visit these 3 places using the pass I save $30. So in my opinion, the iVenture Melbourne Pass is worth it.


Is the iVenture Melbourne Pass for you?


Not everyone travels or goes sightseeing in Melbourne the same way. The first step in deciding if this pass if for you is to work out how much you will save with the pass. From my example, you see I save $30 which could go towards something else on my Melbourne visit.


Are You Ready to Visit Melbourne with an iVenture Melbourne Pass?


If you want to save some dollars on your visit to Melbourne, an iVenture Melbourne Pass may be what you need.

You can purchase an iVenture Melbourne Pass for 3, 5 or 7 attractions here.

Or purchase an Unlimited iVenture Melbourne Pass here.



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